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Teacher Assistant: Roles and Responsibilities

  • Include all of the expectations for Graduate Assistants, however, a Teaching Assistant works directly with the assigned teacher for the entire day.
  • In addition, TA’s are paid a small stipend of $100 per week (pay is a “per diem”, pay reflects full time status. Pay will be adjusted if for some reason a TA must miss part of a day)
  • Graduate Assistants as well as Teaching Assistants:  If you have been assigned as a “POD” leader, you are responsible for keeping up with the students in your POD. Welcome them into the program. Tell them you will be their ‘leader”/”counselor” get them excited about starting Senior DECATS.
  • You are required to attend the Safe Environment training at In-Service (teacher meeting)
  • You are expected to wear your Senior DECATS polo on the orientation day, the first day and the last day as well as any other days requested
  • GA’s are expected to contact their MAJOR teacher prior to June 1 and ask if there is any way you can help them get ready for the program
  • You are expected to be available to work on June 3rd - time TBD
  • You are expected to be available to work each day and stay the entire day; if you are not at work, you are expected to call and let us know why. If you are paid, you will be paid for only the time that you are at work. You are expected to follow the schedule assigned to you.
  • When students are in the restroom or on breaks, please be aware of where they are, supervise restrooms by making sure there are not too many students in at one time and making sure that the area is clean
  • On the last day, you are expected to be available to help until 12 Noon. Clean up your area and help the entire group get packed and cleaned up.
  • You are expected to come to the DECATS dance on Friday, June 7th, and help students have fun and be mature; You are expected to be enthusiastic about the dance and any of the special activities
  • You are expected to be mature and responsible, helping on field trips, especially in keeping up with your group of students
  • Arrive by 8:45 AM; leave no earlier than 4:15 PM
  • Stay with your assigned duty/teacher
  • Be a “back-up” for the teacher - a runner; a group leader; a role model; a mentor to students
  • Be a liaison between teacher, student or administrator and student - explain the daily schedule; or how the schedules are chosen; know the building and where the classes are located; help students find their classes - especially on Mondays when the classes change
  • When in doubt, put yourself with the youngest, most immature, most reserved, or most difficult student - engage them in appropriate activities, help them assimilate within the group; help them adjust to the freedom of Senior DECATS
  • Try to anticipate what the teacher will need - especially in classes that require set-up and break down - you are the main workers
  • Be enthusiastic in community meetings and have awards ready; include each student at least once - especially bring out those students who don’t usually receive attention; remember that everyone wants to be recognized and appreciated. Speak clearly and keep it clean and age- appropriate!
  • You are responsible for the awards and for keeping your group of students involved and making your group a “team” (if you have been assigned as a “POD” leader)
  • In the morning/afternoon meetings, there will be some projects that will be required by Mr. McGhee and/or Mrs. Shotland that you will be asked to do. You are expected to follow-through with those tasks.

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