DeBusk Enrichment Center for Academically Talented Students

Stage Stunts
Class Times: 
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Class Overview:
Imagine a high-end hair salon where everything devolves into chaos as stylists and patrons go head to head, locked in comical combat.  Picture a serene family reunion picnic during which misunderstandings lead to mayhem as loving relatives pull hair, punch and body-slam…believably.  Experienced stage artist Kent Williams introduces basic techniques of hand-to-hand stage stunts including how to safely and believably execute slaps, punches, hair-pulls, face-smashes, trips, falls, and the ever-popular body slam. Swordplay with found objects like tennis rackets and curling irons will also be part of the learning fun.  Student pairs team up to practice fight illusions and later break into small groups for choreographed scene work. The class culminates with a presentation of original scenes featuring newly-learned stunt moves.  No prior experience necessary!