DeBusk Enrichment Center for Academically Talented Scholars

Sewing I, II, and III

Class Times: 
  • ​Week 1 - Periods 2 and 3 . . . . . 12:55 - 2:40 pm (I)
  • Week 2 - Periods 6 and 7 . . . . . 1:50 - 3:35 pm (II)
  • Week 3 - Periods 8 and 9 . . . . . 12:55 - 2:40 pm (III)

​NOTE: Sewing I, II, and III are separate Electives and do not have to be taken together!​ Students may select any or all of

            the Sewing Electives

Class Overview:

Sewing I - Make It and Take It!
No prior experience necessary!  This quick class will teach you everything you need to get started sewing! You will learn how to place a zipper, make button holes and button placement, while learning machine operations. Practice makes perfect, so lots of hands-on opportunities.  You will have a choice of two projects to complete.  Sew straight lines and corners and make a pencil/accessories bag or tote bag.

Sewing II - Sew and Show – Handwork 
Challenge your basic and advanced sewing skills, learn to use the Embroidery machine, and personalize your sewing projects. Fix a missing button, hem those jeans, keep the clothes you love. In addition to learning the basics of handwork,   you can choose to make shorts, a top or a summer dress.

Sewing III - Make It and Take It 2!
No pre-requisite class needed, however, if you were in Sewing I or II, the project you choose can be more complicated.  Basics or advanced sewing with a machine will be covered and students will have a choice of making an article of clothing, accessories, or personalize items with an embroidery machine.

Discipline: Art