DeBusk Enrichment Center for Academically Talented Scholars

Class Times:
MAJOR - 9:20-12:20 Daily

Class Overview: The human mind is capable of incredible things. From complex problem solving, to pattern recognition, to identifying danger in normal situations, your mind enables you to do incredible things. BUT, what happens when you freeze up? When you just can't seem to think of a simple answer, when there's a little pressure involved? How does your mind work in intense situations? This year's psychology major will look at the ways our mind enables us to be our best, to observe the world around us, and to help us compete. In stressful situations, whether it's a test or a big game, certain people are able to rise to the occasion and some become nervous wrecks. Throughout the three weeks, Psychology will focus on the different pressures that can affect our ability to perform. Ultimately students will compete in various minute-to-win-it games and administer these "tests" on other DECATS students. Figure out what makes us tick, create fun challenges for Sr. DECATS, and become the master of your mind and your performance!