DeBusk Enrichment Center for Academically Talented Students


Class Times:
  • Week 1 - Period 3  . . . . .  1:50 - 2:40 pm

Class Overview:

So many people are anxious, stressed, overwhelmed – in short, unhappy much of the time. Why? This is not how God designed us. Deep and true happiness is what we were made for! So what are the sources of unhappiness? And more importantly: What are some simple things we can do to be happier and healthier? We’ll look to the wisdom of those who came before us and the wisdom already living inside each one of us. We’ll talk and laugh and dig deep, with some presentations but also with a free-flowing conversation. And you’ll leave this class with ideas of some tangible, realistic things you can do to take steps away from anxiety and toward simple happiness.

Discipline: Behavioral Science