DeBusk Enrichment Center for Academically Talented Students


  • Students select one area of specialization (known as a “Major”) for the entire three weeks. It is important that you are interested in the major you choose, as you will be in that area for about 3 hours each day.
  • Most majors are only offered in the morning, therefore electives will always be in the afternoon. However, Culinary Arts has an afternoon option (Culinary Arts PM). Students in the Culinary Arts PM Major will be a "double major" and will not take any electives. Their 2nd choice of a Major will automatically become their morning Major.        
  • We strongly recommend taking Community Service one year while at Senior DECATS, but it is no longer a required course.
  • Each MAJOR has a $30 class fee to help cover the cost of different activities: field trips, transportation costs, meals or snacks, special supplies, etc.   They will be included on the tuition invoice and are due with the balance of tuition.  Class fees are not covered in scholarship awards. If payment of fees is a problem, please see one of the staff members. If payment of fees is a problem, please contact Jeff Solomon, Assistant Director  (
  • 2017 List of MAJORS - Click Here

  • “ELECTIVE” classes meet three days each week,  and change each week.
  • Each student can choose nine electives over the three week period, unless the Elective is a "blocked class."
  • The student selects the week and time of the electives, based on the information in the catalog of classes (class descriptions) and the “template of classes” – a chart that shows the name of the class (sometimes abbreviated) week and time of the class. (SEE LINK BELOW)
  • Most electives are offered more than one time during the program, so if one class is filled, there may be a section in another week that is open.
  • Some classes may use more than one class period (for example, SNLU will be held 12:55 PM – 2:40 PM to allow time to rehearse a performance).
  • 2017 List of ELECTIVES  Click Here
  • 2017 ELECTIVES Class Template - Times by Week Click Here

                                            ON-LINE CLASS REGISTRATION PROCESS

  •  We are using a NEW program this year for class registration
  • The direct links will be sent to you via E-mail on Saturday morning, March 25, 2017 for preregistered students. One link will be for Class Registration and the other link will be for Transportation. To register for classesClick Here

   Important Tips:

  • Use our Sr. DECATS website at to plan your selection of classes ahead of time. Make sure you have 3 selections for each period.   

         as classes are limited in size. We'll make every effort to provide you with your 1st choice, but we may need another option for certain time periods.